As part of projects implementation, Malkom offers its Customers a wide range of services contributing to the highest quality of customer care and increased customer satisfaction. For each of the projects, we provide a detailed business analysis, a technical design and as-built documentation containing operation and emergency procedures. Depending on the needs of the customer, we can offer training, technical support and assistance.

Our strength are the competences documented with certification and the knowledge gained from long experience in the implementation of technologically advanced projects for the largest companies and institutions in Poland.

Below you can find a short description of the services we offer and a list of certificates held by our employees.

Project preparation and management

Each project is implemented in accordance with Prince 2™ methodology. Malkom employees have appropriate qualifications, verified by certificates and long experience in managing complex IT projects. Our project managers have the knowledge and skills to apply agile methodologies in project management under high time pressure.


Before starting the implementation of the project, as part of our analytical services, we provide a comprehensive business analysis of Customer’s needs and present viable options together with a recommendation for the most advantageous option. The prepared concept is presented to, discussed and accepted by the Customer. We pay extra attention during the analysis, as our experience tells us that good understanding of the needs of the Customer and optimum implementation of their requirements are key to the success of the project.

Design and implementation

The design process includes the preparation of system architecture with its logical and physical model. For the preparation of the technical design, our architects often apply advanced, Enterprise Architect class tools. The system design also contains appropriately selected hardware parameters to guarantee the expected level of availability and reliability. Due to the partnership with the largest computer hardware manufacturers, Malkom can offer the most competitive prices for quality servers, matrices and network equipment as well as highly-specialized cryptographic modules. The implementation is handled by a team of engineers with many years of experience. Their competences are confirmed by numerous certificates (HP, IBM).


Depending on the project, we provide full documentation to enable effective management of the implemented software. The documentation is always provided in Polish, but there is a possibility to prepare English documentation on demand. Full and detailed software documentation, including:

  • User guide
  • Administrator guide
  • Software installation and configuration manuals
  • Operation and emergency procedures

Implementation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Malkom provides the possibility of comprehensive implementation of the ISMS in accordance with the ISO/IEC 27001:2007 standard. This type of implementation includes the performance of risk analysis, preparation of protection measures adequate to the identified risks and vulnerabilities, and development of a set of documentation including, among others: Security Policy, Certification Policy, complete operation and emergency procedures, Business Continuity Plan, etc.


We provide a wide range of specialized training modules, including own products (QR-CERT, TSA, VA, OCSP), partner’s hardware (servers, cryptographic modules, tape libraries, matrices), advanced configurations of high availability (HA) clusters, as well as general training in the scope of PKI, information security and electronic signatures.

Technical support and assistance

Due to the signed service contracts, our technical support department provides technical assistance in the 24/7/365 system. As part of the service, we promise to solve technical problems and service any malfunctions of the implemented hardware and software. We provide a wide range of preventive measures in order to reduce the risk of failure or downtime in key services. This type of activities includes ongoing monitoring with automatic notifications and monthly inspections of systems at the Customer’s offices. We also provide a service phone number for our Customers — available for consulting in standard business hours.

Advisory and consulting services

Our employees are experts in the fields of system security and information protection. They have valid security certification, enabling access to all “SECRET” information. Within the scope of consultancy, we are able to assist in the selection of appropriate technology, indicate the best provider of the selected technology, assist in the determination of functional and other requirements.