QR-CERT software

The QR-CERT software is the flagship product of Malkom, providing comprehensive services in the scope of construction and management of public key infrastructure (PKI). QR-CERT is a solution both for the companies which plan to build their own PKI infrastructure and entities planning to provide services in this respect. This solution enables the implementation of advanced security mechanisms, such as: secure e-mail (S/MIME), electronic signature (PKCS#7), network transmission protection (IPSEC, SSL/TLS) and strong authentication for service portals (HTTPS).
QR-CERT has a simple and intuitive interface as well as numerous functionalities which enable the operators and administrators to perform their daily operations by supporting the automation of the most time-consuming tasks. In addition to the typical functionalities for this type of solutions, our product is provided with modules supporting the operation of specialized devices for the automation of the cards personalization process and the required functionality to manage the life cycle of tokens (microprocessor cards). The structure of the application enables scaling the solution to tens of millions of certificates and cards issued annually. The software is provided with a set of software APIs enabling system integration with other applications carrying out associated or dependent processes.

Detailed description of all the functionalities of the software is provided on the QR-CERT software page and on the documentation page.

VA-DSS software

Validation Authority — Digital Signature Service (VA-DSS) is a type of software created based on the application made on the order of the European Commission to ensure the interoperability in the scope of electronic signatures. The current version of the application, integrated with the QR-CERT software, enables signing documents and verification of electronic signatures in the following formats: XAdES, PAdES and CAdES. The VA-DSS software working as a service is provided with a WebService interface, capable of:

  • Putting electronic signatures
  • Extending already applied electronic signatures
  • Verifying the correct application of electronic signatures

VA-DSS enables the verification of signatures applied in accordance with “ETSI TS 103 171 Ver. 2.1.1 (2012-03-01) Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); XAdES Baseline Profile” on the LTA-Level compatibility level and lower, and is compatible with QR-CERT modules responsible for the verification of the validity of certificates in real time (OCSP) and time stamping (TSA). VA-DSS provides support for TSL lists in the scope of signatures verification and TSL lists verification, according to: “ETSI TS 102 231 V3.1.2 (2009-12) Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); Provision of harmonized Trust-service status information”.

More information is provided on the VA-DSS software page and the home page of the Digital Signature Service project.

Other specialized software

Sec. QR-GW

The Sec. QR-Gateway software is a Proxy-type Gateway with the functionality of putting together VPN tunnels (SSL/TLS). It provides the functionalities of communication protection for multiple protocols (e.g. FTP, TELNET, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, NNTP) by transmission encryption, user authentication and advanced analysis of the syntax correctness for protocols.
Services provided by the software:

  • Monitoring of the basic internet protocols in the application layer, with the possibility to control and perform the full audit of the transmission,
  • “Reverse proxy” functionality for the HTTP protocol,
  • Minimum server implementations for DNS and HTTP protocols,
  • SOCKS5 proxy server,
  • User authorization based on the AUTH server (built-in), RADIUS and LDAP,
  • Operation in the high availability (HA) cluster configuration,
  • Putting together VPN (SSL/TLS) tunnels with authorization based on X.509 digital certificates for each proxy module,
  • Support for the process space separation technology (SELinux, HP Security Containment),
  • Support for anti-virus servers (ClamAV) and anti-spam servers (SpamAssasin).


MALKOM QR-SIGMO is a software package for the comprehensive management of electronic signatures and associated areas, directed to anyone planning the implementation of a reliable and verified electronic document flow inside the organization as well as between the organization and third party institutions and entities.

The package was designed and is developed in such a way as to comply with the requirements of the Act of 17 February 2005 on the implementation of IT solutions to entities providing public administration services, the Act of 18 September 2001 on the electronic signature and the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 11 October 2005 on the minimum requirements for IT systems.

The implementation of the QR-SIGMO software package for the purpose of electronic signature management in the organization’s IT environment can be provided without the need to modify the currently used business applications of the organization as well as in the integration model of these application with the QR-SIGMO package by a suite of interfaces available within SIGMO SDK.

The MALKOM QR-SIGMO software package includes the following elements:

  • SIGMO — application used mostly for signing and verification of electronic signatures as well as time stamping documents for work stations with the Windows XP/VISTA/7 operating system.
  • SIGMO SERVER — software package for the comprehensive management of services related to the electronic signature and associated services, including user authentication based on the electronic signature in the service model. The package can be installed in server environments and enables installation within the environment of leading operating systems, such as Windows Server 2003/2008/2012, HP-UX, AIX, Linux (REDHAT/SLES/CentOS/OpenSUSE).
  • SIGMO SDK — package of API programming libraries developed by MALKOM for the JAVA environment, enabling the integration of the functionalities provided by SIGMO SERVER in the scope of managing electronic signatures and associated services within own applications.