The most important projects implemented in 2018

Malkom made a modification of the software for the Ministry of Finance used for data exchange between the ESKS and KCIK systems. As a result of winning a tender for the implementation of the PKI system, Malkom has implemented the QR-CERT software for the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) in Warsaw.

New contracts at the end 2017

For the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management in Warsaw, Malkom has made installation, configuration and implementing of GRAYLOG software for the collection, archiving and correlation of logs with MongoDB and Elasticsearch engines.

Malkom signed a contract with the Central Board of the Prison Service for the delivery and implementation of a mechanism for the electronic signature of applications on the Intranet service of the Prison Service. ……

What’s new after the holidays

In August The State Forests IT Department has commissioned us to make a new version of the AKU-KCIK software with additional functionalities.
In July The Chief Commander of the Border Guard signed a contract with us for the modernization of the PKI SG system.
The signed agreement also provides for the delivery of new versions of the QR-CERT software as well as service support services for a period of 36 months.
In June Malkom as an exhibitor took part in an international conference entitled European Forum of Electronic Signature and Trust Services (EFPE 2017) in Szczecin. During the conference, we presented the latest version of the QR-CERT Enterprise software

New Malkom contracts in the first quarter of the new year

In January The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection has signed a contract with us for maintenance services for the eInspektor2 software made by Malkom. This software is used to support the work of inspectors checking the quality of fuels in the sales network.

At the end of quarter Malkom has provided and launched for the Central Board of the Prison Service, a new version of the OCSP module for QR-CERT software,. On the hardware on which the OCSP module was installed, it is provided with a performance of over 60 transactions per second.

New website

Welcome to the new website of MALKOM D.Malińska i Wspólnicy s.j. We encourage you to learn about our offer of products and services. We also await any contact — all the necessary contact details are available on the Contact page.