In order to download the file, click the link and save the ZIP archive on your local drive. The process of installation and configuration of the QR-CERT software is described in the documentation tab. Familiarize yourself with the conditions of the free of charge use of the available software, in the License tab.

To run the software, you need to install the QR-CERT Server on a machine running the LINUX operating system and the PostgreSQL database as well as the QR-CERT Operator on a machine running Windows operating systems.

A virtual machine image (QR-CERT Appliance) containing a configured and ready-to-use server component (QR-CERT Server) requires the download and installation of a client application (QR-CERT Operator) for managing the server part.

Installation and configuration details can be found on the documentation page.

If you are interested in QR-CERT Enterprise version, please contact Sales Department.

Note! Downloading, installation and use of the QR-CERT software is equivalent to the acceptance of the provisions of the license.